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Hi, my name is Connie Ladds and I am a Matol-aholic!  Matol/Km knocked on my door 3 times before I really gave it a good listen too.  The first time I really did not feel bad enough to use something that tasted worse than I felt.  The second time I did not like the man who knocked and the third time I felt worse, so it was time to listen.  This black herbal bad tasting witch’s brew was known to help with pms, and boy did I need that.  I can remember standing by the sink in the kitchen and waiting for that bad tasting stuff to come back up when my husband asked why was I taking it?  I replied because it is supposed to help with pms.  His response was drink up honey.

Three times the product knocked on my door and three times I have been a distributor with Matol/Km, and this time I am here for the long run.  For my family the business has taken care of a lot of the extras we just could not even begin to afford.  Having a stable part-time income has turned into a full time work and full time income for me, now as an Executive Field Advisor.  Because of our business we have traveled extensively and to places we would have never gone, like Greece, Mexico, Las Vegas, Cruises and many small trips to places like Montreal where we have visited the manufacturing plant as well as home office.

Our Matol/Km business will also provide for us into retirement.  I hear that the checks will even follow us around the country to different golf courses….sounds like fun to me.

Thank you Karl for formulating a wonderful tonic used to impact world health.


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